Tom Atkins Evangelistic Association, Inc.




P.O. Box 701, Lavonia, GA 30553  Telephone 404-790-2184


The Tom Atkins Evangelistic Association is a faith ministry, available to all churches regardless of size.

The Schedule Page on this web site will give some idea of Tom's current schedule and availability. 

To explore the possibility of having Tom Atkins for your church or organization, contact him directly by E-mail or use one of the other channels of contact listed on our Contact Page



.We strongly believe that God has called Tom Atkins to full-time evangelism, and that God's people will be generous in their giving.  For this reason, Tom comes to your church with no set honorarium.  The TOTAL offering received each evening should comprise the honorarium for this ministry.  An offering should be taken at every service.  If the revival begins on Sunday morning, there will be no special offering for this ministry taken at that service.

As Tom comes to your church, we trust God and your people in their giving.  Finances must not be the focus, but only the Lord Jesus.  The means of support of an appointed General Evangelist is different from that of a local church pastor.  Tom receives no salary or benefits such as hospitalization and pension from the Annual Conference.  Therefore, the love offerings received in revivals and other meetings are important.  The pastor is asked to inform the congregation each night as to the importance of the offering.  The Board of Directors of the Tom Atkins Evangelistic Association, Inc. presents these guidelines for financing your meeting.



In planning for this evangelistic experience, your church will face a variety of expenses.  For the evangelist, the expenses will include travel (35 cents per mile, or airfare) round trip, lodging and meals.  You should also plan on some expenses for publicity.  Your church may have the expense of a guest song leader and nursery workers.  To defray these expenses, the church should derive these funds from the budget or by other means.  These expenses should not be managed by the evening offerings.



The pastor should instruct the congregation that all gifts given at the evening services will go to the ministry of the Tom Atkins Evangelistic Association but checks should be made to the local church.  At the end of the meeting two checks should be presented to Rev. Atkins.  One check will be for Rev. Atkins travel expenses and the other check will be for the total offerings.  Both checks should be made to the Tom Atkins Evangelistic Association, Inc.



Realizing that certain unforeseeable events can happen, it may become necessary for the church, or the evangelist, to cancel the meeting.  It should be recognized by the church that a canceled long-term calendar commitment is difficult to reschedule, which leaves an opening in the schedule.  It is possible that other churches have been turned down because that date was already scheduled.  Since this ministry is largely dependent on offerings, cancellations also mean a loss of income.  If cancellation is necessary, your church might consider some financial compensation.  If the evangelist has to cancel, then he will assist in securing another evangelist, or give your church the next available date.

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